40 years later, my childhood diaries are not just reminders of events that I surely would have forgotten by now, they also say something about what it was like to be a teenager….at that time…and in that place.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, the Mr Leaper who taught you at Roan School was my dad. He died in 2005. It was odd and rather touching to see him referred to in your blog.


  2. Hi

    Enjoyed your blog and wondered if you would allow me to use the picture of the tonibell van for our history page on our tonibell site, it really brings back great memories from many of their childhood days running to the pink vans, that sadly today are not as big as they were back then.

    Many thanks



  3. Although I’m a couple of years younger. I remember everyone mentioned in your diaries. And all the palaces on the island. Take care.


  4. I’ve just stumbled across this. wow, brought back some wonderful memories of a period I look back on as one of the best periods of my life. . The bit about Alfie Knott was particularly moving and I don’t even remember that picture being taken.

    Mick Peacock.

    Anyone who wants to get in touch, my e-mail is megpeacock@gmail.com


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